Alkira was created to help organisations successfully deliver critical technology projects and programs.

Project management is what brings results to an idea or initiative. All aspects of the project must be expertly integrated to ensure success and realize the benefits that were planned.

Unfortunately many critical projects and programs face the possibility of not delivering on their goals or complete failure. In this situation an independent Program Recovery can help organisations improve visibility and implement a turnaround plan to secure the program investments.

To ensure the right outcome from the start, we work with our customers to define the success criteria, and then deliver them through our Program Assurance or Program Delivery services.

We work best managing business critical projects to their successful completion and we excel in delivering programs with an international scope.

News & Insights

  • VIK – Value is King

    September 2017
    In Technology sponsorships, Value-in-Kind (VIK) products and services may represent more than 50% of the total technology budget of the event. Making VIK work for both sponsors and event organisers requires a careful balancing of value so that both parties get what they need from the deal.

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  • Event Digital Impact – 2016 Recap

    December 2016
    In the world of major sports and non-sports events there are often competing claims on which is the biggest. The Olympics or Football World Cup? The Rugby or Cricket World Cup? Coachella or Tomorrowland? ….

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  • Alkira Carbon Plan

    September 2016
    In an effort to minimize carbon emissions, Alkira will be going carbon negative from September 2016…

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  • Alkira opens Dubai Office

    January 2016

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  • Mapping Project Risk & Uncertainty

    May 2014
    Improving Project Risk Assessment through uncertainty mapping…

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  • Delivering Value with Project Assurance

    November 2013
    Understanding the root causes of project failure to drive successful project outcomes…

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  • Alkira launch

    October 2013
    Alkira was launched to help organisations get better results for their project and program management investments…

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